Denis Goldberg is a first generation South African born 1933. The son of immigrant parents who were actively opposed to apartheid he learned in early childhood to respect all people and became politically active against apartheid. Sentenced in the Rivonia Trial 1963 – 1964 with Nelson Mandela and others to life imprisonment for participation in the armed struggle against apartheid. After 22 years in prison he resumed political activity in 1985. When apartheid ended in 1994 he set up registered charities, Community H.E.A.R.T. in Britain and Community Heart e.V. in Germany, to support social projects in South Africa.
Denis and Andrew Mlangeni are the only two survivors of that trial which was a turning point in the history of South Africa.

Jo Noero is a renowned architect who lives in Hout Bay. He has been recognised by the Nordic Association of Architects in 1993, Royal Institute of British Architects in 2006, the South African Institute of Architects in 2010, American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2015. Noero’s work has been exhibited at MoMA in New York, the Venice Biennale, the Sao Paolo Biennale, the Singapore Biennale and the National Gallery of Art in Cape Town. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Science of South Africa, and an Alumnus of the Salzburg Seminar.

André Oosthuizen is a lawyer who specialises in commercial, intellectual property and sports law, and lives in Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. He is extensively involved in community upliftment projects, particularly in the areas of youth development, poverty relief and job creation. He has written two books, and has recently launched the Light a Brief Candle website, which is dedicated to community upliftment work and philosophy.

Shado Twala is a radio DJ, journalist, radio and TV producer, and businessperson. She grew up in Cape Town, but started her career in radio at Bop Radio in the 1980s. Subsequently she worked for many other radio stations, wrote for the Sunday Times and other publications, and had a stint in government as Media Liaison and Public Relations Officer for the Western Cape Premier among others. Her voice has been used in a range of documentaries, including several focused on Denis and other stalwarts associated with the Rivonia Trial. Shado now manages her own entertainment business, Black Olive Entertainment. But she also continues to work on radio. You can listen to Shado every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm in her show, The World Stage.

Mike van Graan has a BA Honours Degree in Drama from the University of Cape Town. His career spans stints within academic institutions, local and international organisations, and international quasi-governmental agencies. His work within civil society goes back many decades. It includes acting as Director of the Community Arts Project in Salt River, Projects Officer for the Congress of South African Writers and General Secretary of the National Arts Coalition during the apartheid era. On the basis of his contribution, in 1994 Mike was appointed as a Special Adviser to the first Minister of Arts & Culture in a democratic South Africa.

Today Mike is probably best known as a playwright, and has won multiple local and international awards for plays that explore South Africa in the post-apartheid era. Throughout his adult life, Mike has supported the community-based arts and culture initiatives in multiple different ways

David Goldberg is the founder’s son. He handles the finances of the foundation. He is a retired businessman who lives in London.