"Every child is entitled to dream, to grow, to enrich her or his life.
Help turn their dreams into reality."

The House of Hope Art and Culture Education Centre will fulfil that dream for the lives of many young South Africans. Prof. Denis Goldberg* is a well known anti-apartheid and human rights activist. He has devoted his life to creating a democratic and fair South Africa, a place where all of its citizens, especially children, can hope for a better future.

Help him fulfil his legacy by building the House of Hope sponsored by the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust IT1927/2016(C), which is steadily raising funds.

The House of Hope will be a positive space to help build the future of disadvantaged youth in Hout Bay.

R6 million is needed to start building to create a positive space for educational opportunities and building social cohesion. The Western Cape Provincial Government has agreed to provide the land at the existing Hout Bay Museum.

Children are our future.

Music Lessons

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Life Orientation

IT & Computer Skills

Language Skills

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Denis Goldberg House of Hope

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It is estimated that the complex of buildings will ultimately cost R20 million, but we shall build in stages as funds become available.

Denis has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and his specialists have advised that it is inoperable and incurable. The treatment he is undergoing is essentially palliative to try to improve the quality of his life for some unknown period.

Denis has devoted his life to social projects. His life’s work will be continued by the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust IT 1927/2016(C). This Trust is committed to creating the House of Hope as an Art and Culture Education and Training Centre in Hout Bay, Cape Town where Denis now lives.

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A Message from the Chairperson of the Board


The House of Hope is intended to be a home for the many projects working in the fields of art and culture in our suburb. We have seen how in our historically divided society people, especially children and youth, come together through music, singing, dance of all kinds. We see social cohesion in the making.

We shall add to these basic forms of expression painting, drawing, drama, writing and language skills in the main languages of our community, English Afrikaans and IsiXhosa because this helps to create social cohesion. We shall include IT literacy and computer skills which are essential.

We have been given a 99-year lease of part of the existing Hout Bay Museum site and have already raised the funds needed for phase 1 of the Denis Goldberg House of Hope. A combination of small and large amounts of money helped us fund Phase 1. We expect this phase to be completed in early 2020. We want to thank all who have helped us to reach this milestone. Phase 1 consists of a gallery to house the exhibition on Denis’s life as well as his art collection; a small office; an activity room; toilets; and a covered entrance and walkway with seats where young people can spend time together

Meanwhile we are fundraising for phase 2 of the construction which will have a much larger number of activity rooms which we and other organisations will use for activities for young people.

The estimate for Phase 2a is R3 million. Small and large amounts of money helped us fund Phase 1. Phase 2a consists of a double-storey row of activity rooms which we and other organisations will use for activities for young people – and which young people themselves can use for their own activities.


We need your generosity and ask that you kindly show your continued support for Denis’ dream and vision as raise funds for phase 2.


All donations made to the DGLFT are exempt from donations tax and qualify for deductions from taxable income in accordance with the Income Tax Act (58 of 1962).

If you make a donation we can provide you with a Section 18A tax certificate enabling you to claim a tax benefit from personal or corporate taxable income.

Our young people are at risk from criminality, drugs, dysfunctional families and boredom at weekends and school holidays when they are not in school. We shall facilitate these activities at weekend clubs and school holiday clubs covering about three and a half months of the year. In a word, our House of Hope will have many rooms in separate venues until we can build our own Art and Culture Education and Training Centre. We do not want to start new projects. We want to draw on the experience and management skills of existing projects.

A 250 seat world class auditorium is planned. Hout Bay needs a facility where South African performers, both established and emerging, can stage public performances. It will naturally be available for international artists.

The Trustees of The Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation have resolved to redouble our efforts to create this legacy to honour his life while he is still with us.


We are involved with other already funded ongoing activities:

The Denis Goldberg Foundation sponsors the Hangberg Football Club. Recently the German Consul General presented a full kit for each player in our top team.

We also continue to display our exhibition The Third World in World War Two, a decolonized history. The exhibition has been at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, Freedom Park in Pretoria, the Holocaust and Genocide Centre in Johannesburg. It is now at the Steve Biko Centre in King Williams Town for 12 months.

This is an urgent appeal by the Trust to Denis’ many friends and supporters both in South Africa and abroad, to assist us in realising his dream by making donations to the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust. The Trust has a dedicated bank account which is administered by the Trustees under the supervision of Cape Town-based attorneys Schnetlers Incorporated. The account is audited annually by Apperley-Resnekov. The Trust, is duly registered with the Master of the High Court (reference no. IT001927/2016(C)).

Lastly, South African composer, Matthijs van Dijk composed a work, “Moments in a Life” which includes text and narration by Denis himself. You can watch this hauntingly beautiful piece performed by Denis at the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival in 2016 on YouTube:



Yours sincerely,
André Oosthuizen
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

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